Morning Push-up Workout

by Adam benShea on February 6, 2010

Push-ups!  They provide a great upper body workout.  Unfortunately, they can become monotonous.  Therefore, I suggest variations of the traditional push-up as a way to breath new life into an old routine.  Below is a list ten different ways to execute a push-up:
1. Wide grip (extend the hand placement slightly beyond shorter width)
2. Diamond (touch the thumb and forefinger of each hand to form a diamond shape)
3. Knuckles (On your knuckles, just like Cobra-Kai in the Karate Kid!)
4. Finger tips (only the tips of  your ten digits touch the ground)
5. Clap (in the midst of each repetition clap your hands together)
6. Finger pointing outward (the fingers on each hand are placed horizontally away from the other)
7. Finger pointing inward (the fingers on each hand are placed horizontally toward the other)
8. Hindu push-ups (explained, with video demonstration, below!)
9. Divebombers (also, explained, with video demonstration, below!)
10. Close grip (bring the hands close together with your elbows tight against your torso)
Ok, so what do you do with these variations?  Before your morning coffee or breakfast, attempt to complete 10 repetitions of each push-up variation.  Once completed, you will have done 100 push ups.  A quick home workout to start the morning!  The break between each push-up variation will vary with your fitness level.  For some folks (men and women), this workout may be a bit of a leap…no problem.  Do the push-ups on your knees. 
As you progress, increase the number of repetitions for each push-up variation in increments of 5 (15, 20, 25, etc.).

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Nick Cabugos February 8, 2010 at 7:30 pm

To Adam.
How it going Chief? I learned a new workout from Adam shipley down at fueled sports. I totally am into it. Would like to go visit the gym and train a couple days in Atlanta sometime.
I have free flight benefits on American Airlines. Just need to know the location of your juijitsu gym and address.

Worked out with Man Child last saturday. I think he’s ready to step up into the big league now. Take Care.


Nick Cabugos

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