Blackjack Workout

by Adam benShea on January 31, 2010


This is the “Blackjack Workout.” It was made popular by John Hackleman (trainer of former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell). As I understand it, you can do either Dive Bomber push-ups or Hindu push-ups for this workout. Whatever you decide, this home workout is a grinder.

chuck and john

20 Burpees
1 Dive Bomber/Hindu Push-Up
19 Burpees
2 Dive Bombers/Hindu Push-Ups
18 Burpees
3 Dive Bombers/Hindu Push-Ups
17 Burpees
4 Dive Bombers/Hindu Push-Ups
16 Burpees
5 Dive Bomber/Hindu Push-Ups
Continue until…
1 Burpee
20 Dive Bombers/Hindu Push-Ups


Dive Bombers

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