Building the Hard Core

May 14, 2013

While Lululemon wearing Pilates instructors and late night infomercials all tout the importance of a strong core, it should not be forgotten that powerful abs play a crucial role in all MMA fighting movements. The circle of exercises to strengthen legs, shoulders, and arms grows ever wider. However, as your upper and lower bodies build […]

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Rickson and Rolls Gracie

May 13, 2013

In this rare video, Rickson and Rolls Gracie have a lively training session. Until his untimely death by a hang gliding accident in 1982, Rolls was recognized as the champion of the Gracie family. In this clip, we see an example of his technique (including some of the wrestling aspects of his grappling game):

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Outdoor Training for Combat Athletes

May 11, 2013

Outdoor Training for Combat Athletes by Adam benShea A new ad campaign by Merrill Footwear features “The 4-Hour Workweek” author, Tim Ferris, discussing and demonstrating the benefits of outdoor training. This marketing strategy falls on the heels of the outdoor apparel company, REI, praising the benefits of “Nature’s Gym” for outdoor workouts and the numerous […]

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July 20, 2010

Lunges! The bodyweight lunge, in all of its manifestations, builds leg strength for function (grapplers: notice how the movement replicates a takedown) and that small bikini that all girls, and some guys, have hidden away in their closet. Here is a workout of moderate difficulty composed of different variations of the lunge. These variations offer […]

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Bodyweight Workout

March 21, 2010

Arnold doing dips on a bench I found this workout on the discussion forum of It is a great total body homeworkout. Try to complete this workout without a rest. If you want to time yourself, do so. Over 20 min-Keep working 18-20 min-Better 15-18 min-Good 12-15 min-Nice Under 12 min-Wow 10 Rounds of […]

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15 Minute Home Workout

March 3, 2010

I am always looking for ways to keep home workouts exciting. One way that I like to complete a workout is by focusing on time, rather than the number of repetitions. So, I will assign each exercise one minute. During that minute I will do as many reps as possible (while keeping good form), before […]

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Henry Rollins Quote

March 1, 2010

Here is a thought from Henry Rollins on the importance of staying physically sharp: “For me, keeping in peak physical condition is simply a matter of respecting yourself. Being physically fit is all about controlling your own fate.” -Henry Rollins

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Jack Lalanne Push-up

February 23, 2010

Jack Lalanne! Before he was slangin’ Juice Tigers on late night infomercials, Jack was a pioneer in home workout routines. Here is a video of Jack performing a difficult push-up variation (you have to love the enthusiasm).

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Morning Leg Workout

February 21, 2010

(sunrise photograph from   Completing the same exercises for a lot reps can get boring.  So, here is a leg workout that provides 10 body weight variations of lower body exercises.  This is an equipment free home workout that can be completed first thing in the morning.  I recommend a home workout in the […]

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Grappling Home Workout

February 19, 2010

It can be difficult to replicate the physical demands of a Brazilian Jiut-Jitsu, or grappling, match because of the adrenaline dump that comes with participating in a solo combat sport before numerous spectators. Nonetheless, a great way to prepare, physically, for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is through a continuous (no stopping!) workout that includes spikes of explosive […]

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