Morning Leg Workout

by on February 21, 2010

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Completing the same exercises for a lot reps can get boring.  So, here is a leg workout that provides 10 body weight variations of lower body exercises.  This is an equipment free home workout that can be completed first thing in the morning.  I recommend a home workout in the morning because it will improve your physical and emotional well being for the day.  After completing this workout, you will notice increased energy, an extra ‘spring’ in your step, and increased mental alertness through out the day.  You may want to consider changing the amount of repetitions based on your fitness level. 
(As always, refer to the workout demos page for video demonstrations of home workout exercises)
1. 20 squats
2. 20 lunges
3. 20 bent squats
4. 20 bootstraps
5. 20 frog squats
6. 20 jump lunges
7. 20 side lunges
8. 20 Bulgarian split squats (10 each side)
9. 20 frog jumps
10. 20 standing calf raises

Side Lunge

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