Five Minute Core Home Workout

by Adam benShea on February 16, 2010

Core workouts are becoming more popular in fitness conversations.  Aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal, a strong core is an important component of total body strength.  It is important to remember that if you want noticeable improvement of your abs, then you will need to add a good nutrition plan to your lifestyle.  Doing 500 crunches, and then having a pizza and a few beers will not get you that six pack; believe me, I tried it.  So what will firm up the midsection?  Well, here is a good, quick workout to strengthen the midsection.  It is a good addition to your home workouts that can be completed without equipment.   
The Five Minute Core Home Workout
2 min plank
1 min side plank
1 min side plank (alternate side)
1 minute isometric hold (lie on your back and lift your head approximately 4 inches from the ground, and with your feet together lift them six inches from the ground).
If possible, go through these exercises without a rest.  If you find that this is too easy, then double the time of each exercises (it will only be a total of 10 minutes, and should be a grinder). 
Side Plank

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