15 Minute Home Workout

by Adam benShea on March 3, 2010

I am always looking for ways to keep home workouts exciting. One way that I like to complete a workout is by focusing on time, rather than the number of repetitions. So, I will assign each exercise one minute. During that minute I will do as many reps as possible (while keeping good form), before moving on to the next exercise in the next minute. Below you will find a sample 15 minute workout. Do each excercise for a duration of one minute. Try to go through the workout without any breaks. Do not worry about repetition numbers, instead focus on form. This is a good, quick full body workout that completed first thing in the morning at home, in a hotel, at a park, or just about anywhere.
(If you don’t know a exercise listed, then check the workout demos page for video examples)

1. Body weight/Hindu Squats
2. Lunges
3. Push-up plank
4. Burpees
5. Calf raises
6. Push-ups (try to do as many as possible. If you are unable to go for a full minute, then rest in the push-up plank position)
7. Bent Squats
8. Plank
9. Bootstrappers
10. Hindu Push-ups (If you are unable to go for a full minute, then rest in the starting position and focus on the stretch-like a “down dog” position)
11. Crunches
12. Burpees
13. Side plank
14. Side plank (other side)
15. Mountain climbers (this should be tough, so do as many as you can!)

Good job!

Side Plank

Push-up plank


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